iPhone 4S paper trail spotted, iPhone 5 nowhere to be seen

The iPhone 4S is almost certainly coming, after it was spotted in Apple’s inventory, but where’s the iPhone 5?

This picture is a mixed bag of information and emotions. It’s great because we can see that the photo – taken from Apple’s inventory by an anonymous source found at 9to5mac.com – clearly shows an iPhone 4S is definitely coming. The downside is that we haven’t seen anything quite so solid about an iPhone 5.

This device is the same one found a few months ago in prototype form, which featured a dual-core A5 processor, 8MP camera, 1GB RAM, speech-to-text and the Assistant feature. Apparently the IMEI/MEID markings mean this will be a GSM+CDMA handset, adding weight to the HSPA+ 21Mbps story. All lovely improvements but they’re not groundbreaking like we want – and Apple needs – the iPhone 5 to be. And with talk of the iPhone 6 already, we might not be seeing the 5 for quite some time.

Here’s hoping this isn’t all we can expect from Apple’s iPhone announcement on 4th October.


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