iPhone 4's hi-res screen trounced by Toshiba

The Retina Display takes second place to Toshiba’s latest 720p effort, but could Apple iPhone 5 be getting the screen for itself?

With the Retina Display Apple changed the rules of mobile screens. Since, we've seen bigger, brighter and shinier phones faces, but none higher resolution than Apple's 326ppi iPhone 4 glass. Now Toshiba has beaten it with a new 4in, 720p, 367ppi display that has a staggering 1,500:1 contrast ratio and whole-train-carriage-entertaining 176 degree viewing angle. Rumours of the next generation iPhone suggest all manner of details, yet size apart few have mentioned the screen. Since Apple shares a production factory with Toshiba, it's time for that to change. Let’s hope Toshiba likes to share.


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