iPhone 3GS + heads-up display = amazing augmented reality sat-nav system

It might seem like our love affair with augmented reality is a little OTT but seriously, it's cool isn't it? Here's yet more proof – an expe

Created by Tokyo-based firm Ubiquitous Entertainment, the iPhone ARider uses the iPhone 3GS and teams it with a retractable head-mounted display.

Attach the system to a helmet and you can see your map projected on your glasses and make hands-free calls. It'll even connect to Twitter with the Twitbird Pro app which handles push notifications.

Turning your head controls the iPhone 3GS's compass and GPS, altering the orientation of the map projected on to your glasses.

The obviously cool thing about the ARider is that you don't have to look at the iPhone screen. However, we're still not convinced that the proejction wouldn't distract you from the road.

Also: if you did take a tumble off your bike, you'd be guaranteed to smash your iPhone with it strapped to your bonce.

Nonetheless, the ARider is just another example of why augmented reality is one of the biggest concepts in future (and current) tech.

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(good spot by Crunchgear)