iPhone 3G stock WILL be limited in UK

It looks as if the UK is set to pay the price for being the iPhone unlocking capital of the world. Apple is said to be shipping only a limited number

An inside source has told Electric Pig that Apple has become increasingly frustrated with how few iPhones are legitimate in this country and want to limit the same thing happening again with the iPhone 3G.

The white model may not even make it here, and the 16GB edition is said to be in short supply. Add to that the suggestion that Apple want to set the price of a PAYG iPhone 3G 8GB at £349, rather than the £299 suggested by O2, and the evidence is mounting up.

We’ll find out more next Friday when the iPhone 3G is officially released on 11 July. Make sure you take a look at our iPhone 3G Bible and look out for loads of new coverage next week.


iPhone 3G

Price: £From free

On sale: 11 July

Contact: Apple