iPhone 3G Sat Nav moves a step closer

Face it, that lump of 3G Jesus Phone is practically useless if it can't be strapped to your dashboard and used as a sat nav. We exaggerate, but sat na

The likes of TomTom say they've already got Sat Nav software ready to roll on iPhone but developers are facing a few hurdles. First up there's the odd legal issue - who gets sued when your iPhone tells you to drive into a lake - and secondly there are some firmware tweaks needed to the iPhone's GPS.

Well, looks like that last problem just got sorted. Reports are that a beta version of iPhone OS 2.1 is being sent to developers. Among the changes are new GPS features including the ability to track direction and speed of movement - kind of handy when it comes to telling you which way to turn and when.

The downside is that a new OS version so soon will probably send current jailbreaking efforts back to square one - pushing that elusive iPhone 3G network unlock further down the tracks.


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