iPhone 3G S – yours for £900 SIM free

The iPhone 3G S – speedy, new and darn pricey too. But for those who aren't down with O2 and want to slap their own SIM into the latest version is now selling the iPhone 3G S for a monumental £900. For that epic price tag you'll get the 32GB model, and be able to slide in your SIM without having to go through perilous and warranty–busting jailbreaks.

The 16GB white iPhone 3G S is also listed, although currently it doesn't have a price. Expect something around the £800 when it does eventually land. is still shifting the 8GB iPhone 3G for £530. The online store says it can get away with what high street retailers can't as it sources its Apple cells in the EU, where certain countries are obliged to sell the iPhone SIM–free.

Still not sure whether to pony up £900 for an iPhone 3G S? Then take a look at our exclusive hands–on video and read our in–depth review now.