iPhone 3G S hits shops today

Unless you've been hiding underneath some kind of tech-reflecting rock for the past few weeks, you may well know that a little something called the iP

Once again exclusive to O2, a queue formed outside the mobile operator's Regent Street shop this morning by those keen to be the first to get their hands on it.

However, in a huge contrast to the original launch of the iPhone, people have turned out in tens rather than thousands to pick up the new handset – although we hear pre-orders have been high.

In the run up to WWDC, the third incarnation to the iPhone was open to all sorts of rumours and speculation, some of which we got – others we didn't.

When we finally got the official announcement, alongside all the deets of the 3.0 software, O2 and Carphone Warehouse were quick to get their pre-order and pricing details out.

When they did, many customers were not happy with the price tag attached to it all – especially 3G users told they had to buy out their current contract to upgrade.

To help try to restrict the backlash, Carphone Warehouse announced its cashback scheme for current iPhone users, offering up to £180 for old phones, and guaranteeing delivery today.

Of course, despite all the controversy, everyone knew the 3G S would still sell in its droves, and we'll be watching to see how stocks hold up today.

If you're considering forking out the cash, be sure to check our hands on video, pictures and full review before you do, as well as our hands on video with the 3.0 software, to see exactly what you'll be paying for.

Let us know below if you'll be trying to get your hands on one today, and your thoughts on it if you do.