iPhone 3G out of stock

The iPhone 3G is out of stock on O2’s official site, with customers being advised to return later in the week.In a statement on its official sit

In a statement on its official site, O2 says, “Due to huge demand for the iPhone 3G, we’re currently out of stock online. Come back on 10 July for more information.”

The news comes after O2 spent the morning grappling with technical issues, as demand soared for the new blower. At the time of writing, you can still pre–order on the Carphone Warehouse website.

It looks like the best bet is to show up at an O2 store on Friday morning at 8:02 and go from there. Be warned you’ll need to be there bright and breezy though.

And if you can’t be faffed, make sure you enter our competition to win an iPhone 3G.


iPhone 3G

Price: £From free

On sale: 11 July

Contact: Apple