iPhone 3G – how to snag one first

Don’t fancy paying £370 for a PAYG iPhone 3G? Then you need one of O2’s contracts to grab the phone on the cheap. And details are em

According to Apple Insider, O2 stores will fling open their doors at 7am, letting iPhone hungry punters grab their new cell early before spending a day rubbing it in the face of their less fortunate gadget–loving colleagues.

And from 1 July, you’ll be able to head into any O2 store and get all your credit checks and contract details sorted. That means you can just roll up first thing on 11 July and walk straight out with an iPhone 3G. All you’ll need to do is slap it into iTunes and activate the thing. Contracts won’t become active until then.

There are dirty rumours flying around that Apple will only be selling PAYG iPhones in their stores. However, that seems highly unlikely to us.

With just two weeks to go, make sure you know everything you need to by casting your eye over our iPhone 3G Bible.


3G iPhone

Price: From free

On sale: 11 July

Contact: Apple