iPad reaches the 100,000 app milestone

Apple’s app store keeps on churning out the good stuff as the Droids look on with envy

Its official – there are now over 100,000 apps available for your ravenous iPads to consume, each one ready to induce a bout of impulse-purchase fever. Although quantity and quality are two very different things, there’s no denying the polish of many of the apps available. 

The strength of the mighty Apple ecosystem has always been the iPad’s ace in the hole, but we’re pretty sure the Android brigade can happily hold its own against such an onslaught. The same cannot be said for future webOS and Windows 8 releases which really need to entice developers if they stand a chance at playing the numbers game. Talking of numbers, Apple managed the 100,000 app feat in the short time since the SDK was released in January 2010. Not impressed? Compare it to less than 1,000 apps available for Google Honeycomb tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Motorola Xoom; or the 350 native apps coming out with the HP Touchpad. That and over 10 billion app downloads from the App Store puts Apple head and shoulders ahead of the rest. It’s good news for the Apple faithful who will continue to bask in a gluttonous selection of timewasters and productivity aids.


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