iPad Mini – what we wanted, what we got

The rumour mill set our expectations high for Apple’s first pocket friendly tablet. Did it live up to the hype?

UPDATE: iPad Mini full review

The iPad Mini has arrived. As the Google Nexus 7 quivers and the Amazon Kindle Fire chokes in fear let’s see if Apple’s smaller tablet is a big a threat as we expected.

iPad Mini – screen

Wanted: A Retina Display quality 7.85in display that offers Apple’s typical balanced colours and bright clarity.

Got: A 7.9in display with a 1024x768 rsolution giving us 162ppi. Not mind blowing but plenty good for the size.

iPad Mini – connectivity

Wanted: A SIM slot for 4G or at least 3G connectivity so it can be used on the move at high speeds

Got: Yes it comes with 4G. A pleasant surprise but that does explain the painful price.

iPad Mini – power

Wanted: The A5 dual-core processor but maybe even the A6 dual-core of the iPhone 5 if we’re lucky.

Got: Yup it's an A5 sadly, not matching up to the iPad A6X powerhouse, but good enough for the price.

iPad Mini – battery

Wanted: Apple usually sticks to the 10 hour mark so if this is maintained we’d be happy.

Got: Yup as expected its the standard Apple 10 hours – pretty good considering that includes some 4G usage.

iPad Mini – price

Wanted: Around the £250 mark but a £200 option certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Got: Slightly more than expected at £280, but the build quality is great. Still for the 7in market this is way above the others on offer.

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