iPad Mini 7in to launch in October?

The iPad Mini is said to be packing a Retina Display but still manages an equally mini price

Apple’s much rumoured iPad Mini will be a 7in Retina Display toting tablet out this October. This comes from a source of iMore who also claims the price will be a meager US$200-250 (£125-£155).

Although it might be an unnamed source, the story fits with everything we’ve heard so far. The only pill that’s tough to swallow is the Retina Display as well as a low price. But with Apple swimming in its own sea of cash, and a need for a similar control of the iPad market that it managed with the MP3 market, it may even sell the iPad Mini for a meager profit.

The source indicated that the 7in iPad would be identical to the 9.7in current iPad, meaning a 2048x1536 resolution in a 7in screen – delivering an iPad beating 365ppi. We’re taking this with a handful of salt, but the 8GB (only) 7in iPad Mini in October would be a very welcome pre-Christmas present.

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