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This iPad dock rocking chair is the perfect iAccessory for your nan

Yes, it's a bit ridiculous, but this clever little rocker has a handy trick up its solid pine sleeve...

There is no corner of your life that cannot be enriched by an iPad, apparently. This iPad dock-toting rocking chair, the iRock, means that even Granny’s seat of choice isn’t safe from the encroachment of iThings.

Yep, we live in a world where an iPad rocking chair actually exists, but before you let that sink in, let’s take a look at the alluring spec sheet, shall we?

Hand crafted from solid pine wood, the iRock is sturdy enough to cradle the portliest of grandparents while its built in generator actually puts Nan’s rocking to use by recharging the iPad – with an hour’s rocking adding up to 35 per cent of juice to your Apple slate. The iRock even has speakers built into the back to pump out those saucy Sinatra hits.

Sadly only Apple’s older 32-pin dock connector is supported, but unless you’ve got one of those fancy bleeding edge grannies, they’re probably rocking an older iPad anyway (pun intended).

If you fancy kicking back in your very own iRock then you can snap one up here for US$1300. As for what’s next? iPad zimmer frames. You heard it here first…

[iRock via DVICE]

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