iPad Air 2's anti-glare screen will make it even easier on the eyes

Apple's next tablet is set to feature an anti-reflective coating on the screen – so long, ebook readers
Yes, this is an iPad Air, not an iPad Air 2. We know.

Tablets are great, whether you're reading an ebook or watching a film – but those glass screens tend to throw a lot of light back into your eyes.

It's one reason why e-readers still sell – but Apple looks set to solve the problem with its forthcoming iPad Air 2.

According to Bloomberg's sources in the supply chain, the next 9.7in iPad will feature a "new anti-reflection coating," which should make the screen easier to read in direct sunlight. The insider claims that although the iPad Air 2 is in production now, ahead of a launch at "the end of this quarter or early next," manufacturing complications related to the anti-glare screen may have added delays to the production process.

New iPad mini coming, too

Both iPads are set to get a refresh this year.

Apple is also expected to launch a new iPad mini alongside the iPad Air 2, ahead of the holiday season; though whether it'll feature the same anti-reflective coating is as yet unknown. Previous leaked photos that purport to show the iPad Air 2 and new iPad mini suggest that both will be fitted with the same Touch ID fingerprint sensor found in the iPhone 5s

Apple's rolling out a big refresh of its product line-up this year; alongside the rumoured iPad Air 2 and new iPad mini, an iPhone 6 with a larger display is also set to launch on 9 September. Apple is also believed to be working on an iWatch wearable device, which could launch alongside its new iPhone and iPad.

Better start saving those pennies, Apple fans.

[Source: Bloomberg via SlashGear]

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