iPad 5 to get iPad Mini-inspired redesign

The latest slate in Apple's tablet line up is set to receive more than a few nips and tucks according to the iRumour mill
iPad Mini Retina


The Apple iPad 5 will apparently undergo a redesign which is based on the looks of the iPad Mini, according to Digitimes.

That means that the iPad 5 will have narrower bezels (while keeping the same 9.7in screen), as well as an iPad Mini-like rounded shape – a rumour we've heard before.

The iPad 5 is also set to lose a few pounds, with the site previously claiming that it will tip the scales at less than 500g. It's expected to hit shelves between July and September, though we'd expect it in the later half of that window.

The iPad Mini 2 (with expected Retina Display) will also apparently be released a few months after the iPad 5 (probably in November) so as not to cannibalise interest in the new iPad 5. 

A thinner, lighter full-size iPad along with a pixel-packed iPad Mini sound good to us, but we'll have to sit tight and swallow salt until Tim Cook takes the stage and reveals all.

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