iPad 4 due out this year after iPad 3

The iPad 3 lands in March and now we’re expecting an iPad 4 in October. Jaws on the floor

Apple’s iPad 3 is due out this March and news has now landed on our desks that the iPad 4 will be out this year as soon as October. The next thing on our desks was our jaws.

The downside of this news – leaked to Digitimes from an Apple component manufacturer – is that the iPad 3 will be yet another incremental improvement from Apple.

The idea is to make a better iPad 2 with improved screen and battery, but at a lower price – to compete with tablets from Google, Samsung and Motorola Mobility priced around US$360, and the US$200 Kindle Fire.

With rumours of a 7in iPad 3 – just like the Fire – this leak seems pretty solid. 

If you've been holding out for a true next-gen iPad, the good news is that the iPad 4 is expected as soon as this October, and it will be a big leap forward (at last) – with never-before-seen technology and vastly improved specs.

So if you were holding out for the iPad 3, it might be worth waiting just a little bit longer for a potentially six-core iPad 4.


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