iPad 3 video surfaces

Apple's next-gen tablet just can't wait to get its moment in the gadget spotlight

Is this the iPad 3 caught on camera? Tech blog MIC Gadget seem to think so and they've got up close and personal to film each of the supposed iPad 3's parts for us.

Of course, this could just be a ripped apart iPad 2 but, playing along with the site, the video shows what could be slightly thicker shell – perhaps to house a HD Retina Display, which we've heard rumours of already – and the model does include a home button. There also looks to be a slightly larger camera lens on MIC Gadget's iPad 3. With just two days to go until Apple's March 7th announcement, we're not sure what else is left – but we are hoping that's there's at least one gadget-shaped surprise in store.

Warning: there's a headache inducing 80s soundtrack to the vid so you might want to hit the mute button.

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