iPad 3 – the story so far

Rumours are abound, so we’ve got all the top stories and made them into one clear guide on what to expect

iPad 3 – what we expect right now

The iPad 3 will be 9.7in in size with a screen resolution of 2048x1536px meaning it will have a near Retina Display 264ppi. There will also be a cheaper (around US$200 7in iPad 3 with an 8in iPad currently in testing too). A quad-core A6 processor should be powering Apple's new tablet, which features an iPhone 4S 8MP camera, and might be thicker than the iPad 2 in order to house the dual light bars that make it super bright. All this is expected to arrive in the UK for a March 7 launch.

iPad 3 – February rumours

The iPad 3 will almost definitely be announced on March 7 by Apple. It will have a super-fast quad-core A6 processor, iPhone 4S style 8MP camera, and have 4G LTE connectivity. It will ship in huge numbers after Apple recently ordered 65 million Retina Displays from LG and Samsung. There is testing happening on an 8in iPad.

iPad 3 – January rumours

This March announcement could be an incremental increase to an iPad 2S, with an iPad 3 or iPad 4 later in the year. The new iPad may have a bigger battery than the previous models.

iPad 3 – December rumours

Only one rumour for Christmas but it's a solid one suggesting a 7in iPad 3. The smaller version will come as a competitor to the Amazon Kindle Fire, meaning around a US$200 price. It is thought this will compliment another 10in iPad 3.

iPad 3 – November rumours

This month we’ve learned the bad news that the iPad 3 will be thicker – but it's also good news as that extra girth will be a contributing factor in a brighter screen. The Retina Display is almost certain now with several stories backing up the 2048x1536px screen, which is in production now. This month has also seen two stories back-up the March 2012 release date for the UK. There are even rumours that Apple is making two different sized versions of the iPad 3.

iPad 3 – October rumours

October has started off the serious iPad 3 rumour mill as we’re getting word of the unit going into production. Those units will have 2048x1536px displays and should land in the UK as soon as March 2012.

iPad 3 – July rumours

The iPad 3 will be stepping up the graphics with an HD display that should impress with a 2048x1536px resolution.

iPad 3 – April rumours

Apple's next generation tablet could be blessed with not only Apple's superfast Thunderbolt ports but USB 3.0 too. The iPad 3 could even come packing a smart secondary display that uses E Ink-LCD hybrid technology.

iPad 3 – March rumour

The next generation of iPad is set to be the "the biggie" with a faster chip and super high resolution screen. Everything we expect from Apple then.

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