iPad 3 rumour round-up

Your one-stop-shop for everything everybody knows about the iPad 3 so far

Apple is set to change the tablet game again with the iPad 3 – rumoured to feature a Retina Display that'll match the pin-sharp resolution of the iPhone 4S's screen. The boys and girls from Cupertino invented tablets with the iPad – and, with the iPad 2, further changed people's perception of the devices from trinkets for fashionistas into useful tools.

Now Apple's planning another radical overhaul with the iPad 3 – a device that could potentially replace your TV and PC in one fell swoop. Here’s everything we know so far.

- Apple iPad Mini will be 7.1in

- Apple Feel to debut on iPad 3?

- Game developers banking on iPad 3 Retina Display

- Apple iPad 3 will have an A5X processor, quad-core A6 will debut in iPhone 5

- iPad 3 to get new Smart Case?

- Bye bye iPad 3, hello iPad HD?

- iPad 3 video surfaces

- Apple employees could already be using the iPad 3 with iOS 6

- iPad 3 could launch on March 16 in the US

- Apple iPad 3 could be called the iPad HD

- 7.85in iPad Mini coming later in 2012?

- Apple to launch 16GB and 32GB iPad 3 alongside 8GB iPad 2

- Is this what the iPad 3 will look like?

- Mystery accessory to be released with the iPad 3?

- New Apple TV coming in March with iPad 3?

- iPad 3 concept video shows off holographic edge-to-edge Retina Display

- iPad 3 fever got you? Thinking of trading your old iPad on ebay?

- iPad 3 incoming! Apple announces March 7th event date

- iPad 3 set for dual core and quad core versions

- Is Apple shipping the iPad 3 in secret?

- Apple might open its Harrods store in March for the iPad 3 release

- Apple iPad 3 will have A5X chip and 8MP camera

- Apple iPad 3 display has leaked – 2048x1536 retina display is confirmed

- Apple orders 65 million Retina Displays from Samsung and LG for iPad 3

- Apple is testing out an 8 inch iPad

- US carriers Verizon and AT&T will sell 4G Apple iPad 3

- iPad 3 with Retina Display, quad-core A6 and 4G LTE to arrive March 7th?

- Apple could announce iPad 3 in early March

- iPad 3 to get bigger battery and iPad 2 build?

iPad 3 will have super fast A6 quad-core and 4G LTE

First look at Apple's iPad 3 coming in February

Quad-core iPad 3 with retina display and LTE due in March

Apple iPad 3 gets a sneaky hands-on review at CES

iPad 4 due out this year after iPad 3

iPad 3 to have a 7in version in 2012

iPad 3 to get Microsoft Office 2012

iPhone 5 and iPad 3 to get 4G LTE

Stuff Gadget Awards 2011 Most Wanted (Future Gadget) winner

Apple iPad 3 and iPhone 5 to be larger

iPad 3 J1 and J2 Retina Display versions spotted

Apple going shopping for iPad 3 Retina Display

iPad 3 Retina Display going into production

iPad 3 and Apple TV to get Sharp LCD displays?

iPad 3 could get six-core Intel processor – IMHO

Apple iPad 3 to get super bright ultra hi-res screen

iPad 3 to launch March 2012

iPad 3 and iPad Mini coming in 2012?

iPad 3 to get 2048x1536 HD display?

iPad 3 units are going into production

Apple iPad 3 delayed

Guide to Apple iPad 3 rumours

iPad 3 to feature HD display

iPad 3 will be "the biggie"

Smart secondary displays to come on iPad 3

E Ink-LCD hybrid screen on iPad 3

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