iPad 3 review round-up

We said: the best tablet money can buy. But what did everyone else in tech think of Apple's new tablet?

We tested the new iPad 3 hard this week – read our in depth five star iPad review for our verdicts on the Retina Display, build, iOS 5.1, new apps and the performance of that 1GHz dual-core A5X chip. Bleary eyed and blown away, we still managed to have a look around to see what the rest of the tech world reckons in their iPad 3 reviews. Here's the best of the rest.

The Verge iPad 3 review – 9.3/10

The Verge's Joshua Topolsky said "Other tablets may have more ports or larger screens, but few can match the elegance, sleekness or solidness of this device" and "the new iPad is the most functional, usable and beautiful tablet that any company has ever produced."

The Telegraph iPad 3 review – Five stars

Shane Richmond said "Put the new iPad side by side with the iPad 2 and the differences are amazing. The iPad 2 suddenly looks so blurry" and "existing iPad owners who are thinking of upgrading should take a look at this new device." He also said "the performance jump is not as significant as the leap between the original iPad and iPad 2 but it is definitely there."

Pocket-lint iPad 3 review – Four and a half stars

David Phelan for Pocket-lint said "Not once have we seen the display look blurry or anything less than stable and pin-sharp" and "This is an expensive component. It's hard to believe that rival tablet makers will be able to match, let alone undercut, Apple's prices." That missing half star is for a lack of connectivity or an effective USB adaptor and no indication as to when you're connecting to the fastest speeds when browsing.

The Guardian iPad 3 review – Five stars

Charles Arthur said "for form and function, nothing else gets close" and "the iPad 3 puts Apple a mile ahead of anything we've seen from Android tablets." But he did admit Apple's new iPad is not perfect – "there are still rough edges (notably the dictation) and incompatibilities (LTE)."

T3 iPad 3 review – Five stars

T3 said "Too much content could be a problem here ... Apple will probably sell a lot more of the 64GB model (£559) – how upsetting for it." The verdict – upgrade from the iPad 2 "only if you want a clearer picture and slightly faster web browsing. Otherwise wait for the next iteration."

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