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iPad 3 Retina Display leaked in iBooks 2 code

We might not get iBooks 2 over here but you can't lock down the iPad 3 rumours so easily

We won’t be digging around the innards of Apple’s iBooks 2 app on this side of the pond (since it’s US only for now) but enterprising souls 9to5mac have rummaged around and unearthed some interesting images and file names in iBooks 2 and also iTunes U software.

And what they’ve found is fuelling rumours of an iPad 3 with a Retina Display screen, as seen on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Images labelled as 2X in the file names have shown up – giving us reason to hope that Apple is doubling the resolution of the iPad 2, perhaps even going up to a 2048 x 1536 resolution screen.

Now that might be pie in the sky thinking. But with tablets, the screen is almost everything these days – and with LG overtaking the iPhone’s ppi with the Spectrum, we wouldn’t be too surprised if Apple step up their resolution game with the iPad 3 in February.

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