iPad 3 jailbreak lands

A public release of the jailbreak for Apple's third gen tablet is around the corner ... phew, those hackers are speedy

Hackers had the fire under them come release day for the new iPad 3, or whatever we're calling it now. So it's no surprise that 9to5mac posted screenshots of a jailbroken iPad 3 just hours after the tablet went on sale on Friday.

Jailbreaker MuscleNerd cautiously posted details of the jailbreak on the Dev-Team blog and said that the hackers had managed the jailbreak with the same method as they used on the iPad 2.

The tinkerers are making progress at 'opening up' iOS 5.1 on the new iPad 3 and even though there's no ETA as yet we reckon we should expect a juicy online release very soon.

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