iPad 3 (iPad HD) to go on sale on March 16th

The rumour mill has been spitting out plenty of iPad stories and now it’s aim is getting accurate

The iPad 3 or iPad HD, as it may be named, will be available to buy in the UK on March 16th. This great news comes from an unnamed Apple Store source found by 9to5mac. Normally we'd recommend cracking out the salt – but this date seems very likely.

Judging from last year’s iPad 2 announcement-to-sale wait time, the 16th should be the day for you to empty your wallet into Apple's deep pockets. Couple that with a new Apple Store opening in Harrods on that very date and this rumour looks solid.

Will you be queuing up for the Retina Display toting, A6 quad-core processor sporting, 4G connected next generation iPad 3? Let us know on Twitter, and keep it tuned here for our live blog from 6pm on Wednesday 7th.

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