iPad 3 to get bigger battery and iPad 2 build?

Snaps showing the back of the next-gen Apple tablet have leaked and hold some juicy details

iPad 3 photos – or snaps pretending to be – never fail to make us get our gadget sleuth on. And so when we spotted this image, leaked all over the web by RepairLabs, there were all sorts of juicy details to squeeze out of this not so lustworthy snap.

It reportedly shows the back shell of both the iPad 2 and next-gen iPad 3 for comparison – and if it's the right casing that should mean that the iPad 3 comes with exactly the same form factor as the current Apple tablet. So if you don't want Apple tinkering with the design, what else could get the upgrade?

It looks like the iPad 3 will pack a larger battery than the iPad 2 and chances are this will be to make sure that using 4G (in America for now, boo) doesn't drain the tablet in an hour or so.

The pic also points to a different camera – we're crossing our fingers that Lytro light field camera tech could make an appearance in the next iPhone so why not the iPad 3 too? And the case also looks like it's built for a new display which fits with the HD Retina Display rumours that have been doing the rounds. Show us some more, Apple.

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