iPad 3 fever got you? Thinking of trading your old iPad on ebay?

Think again, everyone is doing it ahead of the iPad 3 announcement on March 7th

If you thought a quick trade-in of your old iPad or iPad 2 would be a smart earner now that the iPad 3 is being announced on March 7th, you were wrong, everyone’s doing it.

According to ebay iPad trade-ins on the super-sale-site have gone up ten times this month. Trade-ins allow you to give in your old product for ebay to buy and collect, saving you the hassle of an auction. The sales giant says of all tablets traded in February 97.6 percent were iPads.

Even though Apple will probably drop the iPad and iPad 2 prices once the iPad 3 lands, it could still be better to wait until after the announcement to sell your older model. Riding the wave of iPad 3 excitement might end up drawing in more buyers who want the new model but simply can’t afford it.

But are you simply unable to settle for the old model knowing the iPad 3 will likely come with a Retina Display, a quad-core A6 processor and 4G LTE – which is hitting the UK this year? Thought so, us too.

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