iPad 3 to feature E Ink-LCD hybrid screen?

Apple's auto-detecting hybrid displays could be taking the tablet war to Kindleville

The Apple iPad 3 may have a hybrid LCD E Ink display, if a patent filed in October 2009 and revealed publicly today, goes into production. The system will automatically recognise what it's displaying and change the screen display to suit. So when reading a book the E Ink display will be activated, with a backlight if needed.

It doesn't stop there – the device will even be able to layer LCD and E Ink at the same time using multiple composite display regions. The translucent E Ink display will sit atop the LCD and below the touchscreen. This is just the kind of groundbreaking development Apple needs to get people queuing for its next release, tipped to ring in significant changes for Apple's tablet. Even if it doesn’t need that to stir up a queue.


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