iPad 3 concept video shows off holographic edge-to-edge Retina Display

With eight days to go till what we suspect is the official iPad 3 announcement in San Francisco, daydreaming has gone into overdrive…

We've seen some pretty drool-inducing iPad 3 concepts make their online appearance, but this one from Aatma Studio (video below) really ventures into fantasy territory. With the iPad 3 being all but confirmed for a March 7 announcement, the daydreaming has certainly been turned up a notch.

Like the majority of concepts, this iPad 3 mock-up mixes a little of what we expect with the down-right crazy. If Aatma Studio had it their way, the iPad 3 will wave goodbye to its bezel and much-loved home button to rock an edge-to-edge Retina Display, alongside internal magnets and NFC super-powers for an awesome dual-screen setup and sharing functionality. Things start to get even more far-fetched with its 3D multiplayer hologram set up.

While Angry Birds on a holographic display is highly unlikely, with nothing confirmed we don't know what Apple's got up its sleeve for March 7. So until then, we can still dream, can't we? In the mean time, check out our round-up of all the iPad 3 rumours so far.

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