iPad 3 clocked running at 116°F

New iPad shown running hotter than Apple's "thermal specifications" while playing Infinity Blade II

Are new iPads overheating – or at least running significantly hotter than the iPad 2? It's starting to look that way, with consumer advice website Consumer Reports posting up thermal camera images of the new iPad running at 116° Farenheit (47° Celsius) while running Infinity Blade II. The iPad 2, under the same conditions, clocked in at 104°F (40°C).

It's worth pointing out that those temperatures were reached while both iPads were plugged into the mains – but it's quite a significant difference. It's also substantially warmer than the 92°F recorded by Dutch website Tweakers.net and outside Apple's "thermal specifications" of 32-95°F.

Apple's swift response to talk of overheating iPads doesn't seem to have shut down the debate – though whether it will blow up into a problem on the level of the iPhone 4's Antennagate has yet to be seen.

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