iPad 3 and iPad Mini coming in 2012?

With Amazon's Kindle Fire undercutting tablets the world over, Apple may broaden its iPad range

Hot on the heels of the iPhone 5 rumours and before the iPhone 4S has even landed, the rumour mill for Apple's iPad 3 is up and running.

The latest intel from analysts points towards a mid-2012 iPad 3 release, with an iPad Mini preceding it early in 2012. Apple's plan of defence – against the very real threat from the Amazon Kindle Fire – is to offer a cheaper, lower spec version of the iPad.

It may not actually be mini in size but this purported new iPad will certainly scale down the price. We’re just hoping the iPad Mini, or at very least the iPad 3, comes with the loveable voice-controlled assistant Siri onboard – and with a specced-up Siri, maybe we won't need a keyboard at all.


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