iOS 6 waves goodbye to Google Maps

So long, big G – Apple's moving into the maps business with Siri integration and Flyover 3D maps

Apple has ditched Google Maps with its forthcoming iOS 6 update, creating a new Maps application from the ground up.

The new Maps app, revealed at Apple's WWDC event in San Francisco, features 100m business listings, turn-by-turn navigation and live crowdsourced traffic updates and incident reports.

A new Quick Route feature serves up turn-by-turn navigation, along with full Siri integration, letting you find local businesses using the virtual assistant – the Maps app will even work from the lock screen. It will provide an ETA based on local traffic – you can ask Siri "Are we there yet?" if you like – plus if it finds a faster route based on its crowdsourced traffic data, it'll re-route you.

The Flyover feature, similar to Google's 3D maps, serves up eye-candy 3D models of cities rendered in realtime, with photographic textures.

So what do you think – has Apple one-upped Google Maps? Let us know what you think on Twitter.

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