iOS 6 jailbroken already

That didn't take long now did it? Don't get too excited though, the final release won't be ready for a while yet

iOS 6 has already been jailbroken, less than 24 hours after its host of new features were revealed yesterday at Apple's  WWDC event.

Although iOS 6 isn't set to land till Autumn this year, developers have early access to Apple's latest mobile OS, and one in particular – MuscleNerd – has already reported a successful jailbreak.

Th dev-come-hacker has however stated that a final version is sill a long way off, with an untethered jailbreak (one that doesn't require you to connect your iDevice to your laptop each time it reboots) is further off even still.

Even so, it's good new for fans of customisation and tweaking, and we expect to hear more reports of successful attempts between now and iOS 6's official release.

Catch up on all the news from Apple's WWDC 2012.

[via Electric Pig]

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