iOS 5.0.1 equips iPad with multitasking gestures and fixes software bugs

Apple rectifies its OS flaws, while original iPad owners get the iPad 2 treatment

The first update for Apple's impressive new iOS mobile platform – iOS 5.0.1 – has just been released in beta to developers, before being rolled out to the masses. It brings with it a number of key features and fixes, including, most notably, the multitasking gestures that arrived with the iPad 2 for the original iPad. So, once it lands, all iPad owners will be equipped with the ability to use four or five finger swipes to pull up the multitasking bar, pinch to return to the Home screen, or swipe left or right to switch between applications.

According to Mac Rumours, the 5.0.1 update will also address the iPhone 4S's battery-life woes, which even Apple has admitted has plagued the new OS since it was let loose. So fingers crossed iOS 5.0.1 will improve the iPhone 4S's ability to last an entire day without needing a battery boost. In addition to this software fix, Apple is adding a security patch for the Smart Cover vulnerability that saw anyone with a Smart Cover (or a magnet) gain access to any password-protected iPad 2.

Additional updates include fixing bugs within Documents in the Cloud and improving voice recognition for Australian users using dictation tools. So when using Siri, or dictating texts or emails down under, the iPhone 4S should throw up more accurate results.

A release date is yet to be announced, but hopefully we don't have to wait more than a few weeks for the updated OS to wind up in our Apple devices.

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