ION's Health range will make you work (out)

It's only November but the tech world has already got one eye on our post-Christmas waistline

Goal setting, tracking your stats, monitoring your progress. All things we once relied on a beefed up personal trainer to provide for us in the sweaty confines of the local gym. If you need the extra motivation though, it'd be much nicer to just let your laptop do all the nagging.

Step up the ION Health Care range, from the audio and iPad dock specialists – a bunch of new fitness gadgets that all connect up to your PC or laptop via USB and will be squeezing the health stats out of you come January 2012.

First up, the ION Body Mass Scale will track your weight, body fat and muscle tissue percentage with the corresponding dates and times for up to 8 people and will set you back £60. Next, there's the oblogatory blood pressure monitor – for £35 you can store up to 352 blood pressure readings on the device and stick the rest on your computer via USB.

Completing the set is the USB Pedometer, with 3D accelerometer to accurately determine steppage and calories burned, for £30, and a USB Thermometer so that you can prove you're suffering from more than just man-flu this winter.

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