Ion iCade Core for iPad prepares for Asteroid invasion this summer

A stripped-down version of Ion’s iCade cabinet looks set to rock thumb-happy retro gamers’ worlds this summer

Remember that Ion iCade Core we spotted at CES in January? Been waiting to hear release details? Well, we have news to that effect.

Engadget reckons it’s seen evidence on Ion’s site (since taken down, we think) pointing to a UK iCade Core release in mid-June with a price tag of £50.

The stripped-down version of Ion’s original iCade cabinet charges while you play, and comes primed to control arcade classics like PAC-MAN, Asteroids, Centipede and Battlezone, according to Ion's site, though these are being sold separately through the Atari Greatest Hits app.

While we’re awaiting more solid confirmation, we’re off to start an intensive thumb training session in preparation for a summer of retro gaming. After all, we do like an accessory to overcome the pitfalls of touchscreen gaming.

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