Invoxia NVX 610 hands-on

The future of desk phones has arrived at IFA 2011, and we been working up a sweat just looking at it

So, this is the Invoxia NVX 610 – part VoIP phone, part teleconferencing tool and part iPhone dock. First thing you’ll notice is that it’s borrowed not a little styling from Apple’s Mac Mini. Not a bad thing, either.

That rounded casing hides eight speaker drivers four on the front and two on each side that work in pairs to create a sonic 3D image. If you’re on a call to two people, it’ll put them at different sides. If you’re on the phone to one, it’ll create a more realistic image. There are also eight mics that pick up your voice from anywhere and can be used to cancel directional noise.

The handset has a black glass face. The version we saw was tethered to the base unit, but Invoxia will also have a wireless DECT version with touchscreen controls.


Your iPhone is charged in the dock, but it also acts as a control interface for the whole unit via a free app. Not got the app? You’ll be taken to Invoxia’s homepage when you plug in your phone. Support for other phones (notably Android) will be added later, working over Bluetooth.

Inside the box there’s a wheel of coloured rubber chocks. They’re changeable magnetic cradles for the handset. A very cool bit of customisation kit.

Although Invoxia can manage VoIP calls alone, it knows who the big dog is so Skype is integrated into the app. You’ll find your Skype contacts there alongside your iPhone contacts and any contacts in your work database.


There’s even a handy spot for Post-It notes.

And here’s the obligatory socket shot just for all those connectivity fans out there.

Here’s a prettier shot from the back side.

There’s an iPad adapter that plugs into the back. Hello, video calling.

And these are the controls. A physical volume control (with press to answer) and touch-sensitive voicemail and mute buttons.

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