Invoxia NVX 610 calls up the iPhone to redefine the landline

Desk phones are tech dinosaurs, but Invoxia’s Apple-esque design might just save them from extinction

Invoxia is reinventing the telephone. That’s the idea behind its first model, the NVX 610. It’s got looks that owe more than a nod to Apple’s clean, modern industrial design templates; fittingly, then, the interface is controlled almost entirely by Apple’s iPhone.

The Invoxia is a desktop IP phone at heart, but it also integrates your iPhone's controls and contacts, bringing your work and personal contacts together in one place. And that place isn’t just a pretty bit of design. The unit houses eight speakers and eight microphones that give intelligent stereo imaging to conference calls and work to cancel background noise.

Elsewhere, there are some basic volume, answering and mute controls (the latter two touch-sensitive) and the phone comes with a choice of coloured magnetic cradle strips for customisation. Invoxia costs US$600 or €417.22 before VAT.

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