Introducing the Stuff gadget advent calendar

Is your advent calendar full of gadgets? Ours is. And you could win Samsung’s Galaxy Note for Christmas

Imagine an advent calendar full of gadgets. Best thing ever, right? Better than chocolate, much better than pictures of candles and even better than Star Wars mini figures.

With that in mind, Stuff has created a virtual advent calendar for our readers – that’s you. This early Christmas bonus is brimming with gadgets, gear and toys, jokes and facts. We think it’s the best advent calendar you’ll see this year.

You might even win a Samsung Galaxy Note, a smartphone so ginormous you’ll need to buy a supersize stocking to cram it into. But even if you don’t our advent calendar should inspire you to go on a gadget shopping spree for Christmas.

Feeling festive? Then go on and take a look at the Stuff Christmas Gift Calendar 2011