Intempo fires up InSession iPod dock

At the rate they appear, it might seem that there are more different types of iPod docks than there are actual iPods in existence. But having come acr

The InSession offers a decent take on the classic dock, with a black bod' housing 25W speakers and an integrated subwoofer, which according to the guff we've just been handed, promises 'cavernous bass'. Hmmm.

Bizarre claims aside, it really is a bit of a looker, and thanks to the mini UBS round the back, you can hook up the dock straight to your PC and your iTunes library. Nifty.

The price for all this? Just £79. Seeing as most of us are headed the way of every major City institution, it looks as if Intempo has come up with a proper alternative to excellent but pricey docks like the B&W Zeppelin.


Intempo InSession

Price: £79

On sale: Now

Contact: Intempo