Intel's suede laptops

If Intel's to be believed, the next big advance in  laptops isn't 3D screens, processors with supercomputer power or TV tuners as standard - it's suede panels. We jest not. Click on for the pics

No, you've not accidentally clicked through to a handbag website.

These are Intel's pictures of its concept Ultrasuede ('unparalled luxury, appeal, perforamnce and ease of care'!) laptops.

Apparently, the tactile machines are not - as we first suspected - a very belated April Fools' joke, but an answer to Intel's survey that reported only 19 per cent of people think their laptop 'reflects their personal style'. Did the other 81 per cent admit to wearing suede jumpsuits?

Still, we shouldn't scoff - textiles and tech have met before in phones such as the Nokia 7270 - so it's not impossible to believe we may be pawing suede laptops next year.