Intel's Moblin OS going mobile and gunning for Google Android

Intel's revealed that it plans to bring its Intel Moblin OS, previously just a netbook dwelling beast, to mobiles. Take a look at the video abov

Like Motorola's new DEXT Android phone, Intel's Moblin OS will aggregated your info on the homescreen. In an area that Intel calls MyZone, your news, social network updates, call info, recently accessed media and calendar tasks will all rub along together.

The Moblin OS's mobile version is designed to work with touchscreens and allow you to multi-task, so it's simple to flip across to move through multiple applications. Based on the video, it seems most of those apps will involve unsettling animations of giant cats.

What do you think of the Moblin OS's mobile version? Does it tempt you more than Google Android, Windows Mobile or the Symbian OS? And can any of these competitors kill the buzz about the iPhone's super-simple, super-sexy UI?