Intel leaks plans for incoming Ivy Bridge chips

Looking forward to a glut of ultrabooks next year? Prepare to get giddy about virtual cores and turbo frequencies

Intel has leaked plans for its new Ivy Bridge processors all over the internet and we're hoping the improved, power-saving chips will be turning up in tasty ultrabooks at CES come January. For now though, we'll have to be content with details of what Intel has up its sleeves for its next desktop processor line-up.

New features for the Ivy Bridge update include a next-gen GPU, four virtual cores to bring the chip's cores up to eight, built-in USB 3.0 support and Turbo Boost tech to slow down or speed up individual cores. This should mean faster overall performance and greater power efficiency – which should come in handy when Ivy Bridge chips make their way to next year's ultrabooks.

In terms of hard and fast numbers, some of Intel's Core i5s and Core i7s are in for a treat, with the Ivy Bridge improvements set to be clocked at between 100MHz and 300 MHz higher than the Sandy Bridge chips.

Head over to CPU World to take a look at the full line-up in all its quad-core glory and see how the improvements stack up against Sandy Bridge.

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