Intel Home Dashboard energy monitor concept

The Intel Atom-powered Home Energy Management concept has caught our eye

Intel has been busy shoehorning its Atom processor into everything from cars to set top boxes, but one of the products that has really caught our eye is the Home Energy Management concept.

The likes of the Wattson and OWL energy monitor systems just keep an eye on your electricity usage and spit it out in figures or glow an angry red to remind you of your planet-killing ways. In contrast, the Intel Home Dashboard is a whole house control system that not only shows you how much energy is being used and by which appliance (including energy generated by any solar power/wind turbine setup you might have) it's also a handy portal to at-a-glance weather forecasts, heating setup, family message board and home surveillance.

Like all good tech, the Home Dashboard is also web-connected so you can keep an eye on what's going on in your gaff while you're away from a PC or mobile phone. Watch the plants wilt while you're on holiday or just set the heating to turn on

World renowned industrial design firm IDEO was recruited to come up with the design which is fronted by an energy-efficient 11.5in capacitive OLED touch screen and uses Zigbee wireless tech to receive info from appliances around the home.

The top-mounted Hello/Goodbye switch sets climate controls and security systems to pre-arranged settings while users are at home, away or sleeping.

As is the touchscreen standard, the home screen is customisable with a variety of apps and readouts so that you can tailor it to your own needs.

It's certainly one of the classiest and most useful looking home energy monitors we've seen, and the big Hello/Goodbye switch on its own is probably quite a potent energy saver. Now if only we can get it to ask us about our day and put the kettle on, Intel are onto a winner.