INQ Mini 3G Twitter phone coming October for £60

The INQ Mini 3G, INQ's first Twitter tackling handset, will go on sale in early October, free on a £15/month plan or £60 on pay as you go.

Get the INQ Mini 3G on 3's £15 Internet Texter plan and you'll be able to get it free. On PAYG, you'll get free texts with every top up, free calls to other 3 phones and free voicemail. Both contract tariffs and PAYG come with free Skype-to-Skype calls.

The follow-up to the INQ 1, the INQ Mini 3G adds Twitter to the original phone's Facebook, IM and Skype apps. Once you've logged on to Twitter, it'll remain running in the background to alert you to new tweets and direct messages.

The INQ Mini 3G will also pack technology to allow you to sync your iTunes music with it without lots of hassle.

And you'll also be able to customise your INQ Mini 3G. It'll come with a red back in the box but other coloured coats for it will be available from 3 Stores.

The INQ Chat 3G which was announced at the same time as the INQ Mini 3G, will be released later this year.