Infinity Blade II lands on iPhone and iPad

The God King has been defeated – now what?

We loved the first Infinity Blade game for iOS – and the sequel to this impressive-looking, modern RPG classic has been hyped up beyond belief. It didn't hurt that at the latest iPhone unveiling, Apple chose to show off the iPhone 4S's improved graphics capabilities with the pre-release demo of none other than Infinity Blade II.

If you download one iOS game this week, this should be it. ChAIR Entertainment has ramped up the stunning 3D visuals – powered by the Unreal Engine 3 – and squeezed in more combat modes and character customisation than you can shake a sword at. Dual Wielding sound good to you?

The story sees Siris exploring new locations like the Asian estate of Deathless Saydhi and medieval Vault of Tears, in a bid to figure out the niggling secrets of the Infinity Blade. It's no cheap treat at £4.99 but we doubt you'll regret it. Infinity Blade II is ready and waiting on the App Store – download it now at the risk of cancelling anything and everything you have planned for the next three days. 

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