In numbers: iPhone 4 OS launch

Steve Jobs loves a stat or two, but some of the figures he reeled out at the iPhone OS 4 launch were pretty impressive. Here are a few that caught our

450,000 – iPads sold to date

600,000 – iBooks downloaded to date

3.5 million – iPad apps downloaded to date

4 billion – all mobile apps downloaded to date

185,000 – apps in the App Store (of which over 3,500 are for iPad)

64 – mobile browser user share for iPhone, as a percentage

50 million - iPhones sold to date (over 85 million including iPod Touch)

1,500 – new APIs in iPhone OS 4

180 – apps you could put on iPhone OS 3

2,160 – apps you’ll be able to put on iPhone OS 4

50,700 – games available for iPhone and iPod Touch

30 – minutes per day Apple thinks users spend using apps on an iPhone

1 billion – ad impressions Apple hopes to acheive with iAd