IMHO – You’ll never read a book on your BlackBerry

Email-addicted bookworms were presumably elated to hear Amazon’s Kindle app had arrived on the BlackBerry. At a stroke, more than 400,000 books became

Why? Because the screen is the size of a biscuit. If the history of literature was rewritten on a BlackBerry, you’d wouldn’t get as far as Chaucer. Although the spelling might be worse. And there’d be lots more swearing.

It’s fantastic that Amazon keeps giving us new and free platforms on which to enjoy its eBook titles. They could have shut out non-Kindle users from their digital stock, urging us all to rush out and buy an ereader. Instead, they’re gently inviting us to experience paper-free books without any personal investment (other than the cost of the actual book).

But unless you’ve bought a large-print edition of a really short novella, you’re not going to finish it. In fact, it’s questionable whether you’d make it through more than a couple of pages of the shortest Mr Men book. Why? Because the screen is the size of a biscuit.

Ostensibly, if you own a real Kindle, and you’ve left it at home, you can use the mobile app to catch up with your reading on the bus. Thanks to Whispersync, when you’re reunited with your full-fat ereader, it’ll automatically be on the page you got to on your mobile. Clever, but as you’ll still be on the same page anyway, totally unneccesary.

Amazon claims the app will deliver “the best reading experience available on your BlackBerry.” No argument here, although Mobipocket (which also makes a BB reader app) might disagree. But it’s academic when you’re squinting at a screen the size of a Garibaldi.

We’re willing to be proven wrong, but doubt that day will come. Read an entire book on your Bold and let us know how you got on. Or take our word for it: you’ll never read a book on your BlackBerry.