IMHO – will Apple buy Twitter? No

Business folk are getting giddy over the rumour Apple will splurge $10bn on Twitter. But does it need a social network?

Facebook buys Instagram for a lot of money, Apple will buy Twitter for even more – this is the logic used in a Forbes rumour story that reckons Cupertino wil splurge big on Twitter to make sure Google doesn't get its hands on all our juicy, personal data.

We've heard this before: the companies Apple is supposed to have been interested in buying (and hasn't so far) include such esteemed names as EA, Disney, Valve, Lytro, Netflix and, yes, Facebook.

Apple will spend its obscene amount of cash securing exclusive content and apps for its upcoming TV hardware instead of buying a huge social media company. It tends to gobble up companies that have the expertise, products or systems to make us want an iPhone, iPad or MacBook even more – Apple bought the voice recognition software that powers Siri back in 2010 and this year bought Chomp, the sophisticated App Store search app.

Since Twitter is already integrated into iOS, we're also not sure how much cosier it could get without becoming some monstrous Ping/Twitter hybrid. Plus the App Store's advantages over Google Play (quality and quantity) are enough right now to help swing smartphone buyers in the direction of the iPhone and iPad.

And Twitter might not be up for selling. Steve Jobs was rumoured to be interested in buying Dropbox, in order to build iCloud, but the founders declined. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey reportedly tried to buy Instagram before Facebook which makes us think the head-tweeters might not view Apple's iron grip as a positive step towards clawing back some online power from Google.

Either way, the minute Tim Cook so much as buys a pair of socks we'll be on hand to explain what that means for the iPhone 5.

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