IMHO – the netbook is dead, and the tablet killed it

The merciless rampage of sleek and shiny slates has proven too much for its netbook brethren

Netbooks – remember those? Tiny screens, underpowered insides and keyboards that only a pixie could comfortably peck away at. And now they’ve been overtaken by tablet shipments for the first time, according to figures released by ABI Research.

When Steve Jobs whipped out his iPad back in May 2010, its functionality was immediately questioned, especially when compared to netbooks boasting USB ports, keyboards and ‘proper’ operating systems.

But fast forward to today and it’s clear tablets offer all the convenience of a netbook with the same daily dose of emails, social network stalking and web browsing. And they do it in a lightweight, and easy, package.

Tablets have so thoroughly invaded our everyday lives we’ve even given them a brand new category in our 2011 Stuff Gadget Awards and offerings like Asus’s Eee Pad Transformer are blurring the line between casual browsing and productivity, thanks to excellent keyboard docks.

With a slew of tablets now under the £200 price mark and a whole host of powerful UltraBooks on the horizon, it’s safe to say the days of declaring the netbook's days numbered are over. The netbook is dead. Long live the tablet.

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