IMHO – Facebook Places will take Foursquare to the masses, but won't kill it

A survey by says 82% of Foursquare users will check out in favour of Facebook Places, and I'm not surprised.Outside the tech worl
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A survey by says 82% of Foursquare users will check out in favour of Facebook Places, and I'm not surprised.

Outside the tech world, I find that very few of my friends have heard of Foursquare. They are all, however, on Facebook and once Facebook Places launches in the UK will have it thrust in front of them next time they log on.

There's much to be said for the convenience of having all your services in one place, and while it does seem a bit harsh hijacking Foursquare's business, the system will doubtless be far more successful when hooked up to the Facebook train.

The survey's results back up my own experience – 74 percent said they'd use Facebook Places because friends would be more aware of it, and 65 percent said the lack of mainstream awareness of Foursquare was the main problem with the service.

I'm a Foursquare member but apart from a brief flurry of check-ins after I signed up, never really took to it, always finding it a bit of a hassle and seeing little reward (largely due to the lack of friends on the service, I suspect). Perhaps with the launch of Facebook Places and higher uptake I might be tempted back to location-based living.

After all – what's the point announcing where you are when no-one's listening?

Foursquare already integrates with Facebook, so surely there's room for both, and a hardcore of loyal early-adopters will work hard to keep it going. For the moment it seems it's doing quite well from the exposure it's getting from the launch of Facebook Places, with a tweet from Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley letting everyone know that it's just had its best day of new signups ever.

Hmmm, I wonder if I could topple the mayor of Teddington Marks & Spencer…