IMHO – Darth Vader shouldn't shop at Dixons

Apparently the Death Star was built with parts from your local high street. Adverts, Darth? Really?

Oh Darth, Darth. We could have lent you a few quid if the fallout from the Death Star destruction left you that hard-up. Then again, Star Wars has already been involved in advertising Currys, with R2D2 and C3PO appearing last year. And since Currys is now owned by Dixons Retail Group, why not get Darth involved too? Because we already know there are no limits to what Lucasfilm will do to milk Star Wars for cash.

Lightsaber corn sticks at KFC, a taxi service run by dudes in Chewbacca costumes, a hand drier sponsored by Mark Hamill called Feel The Force? Nothing would shock us at this point.

With Darth – whoops, we mean George – already changing scenes from the original movies, again, for the Blu-ray release, it would take something degrading like an R2D2 ice bucket to shock us. Oh wait, he did that. Ok the Death Star Bookends and Lightsaber Room Lights were pretty cool, we'll give you those.

Darth will be appearing first on Saturday 5 November in the break of, get this, X-Factor. Oh how low can Lucasfilm go? Expect to be bombarded with this ad for three weeks or until you smash your TV in a rage.

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